Passion to perform Freaky Zoom with style `n speed

*02. Februar 2021




medium coat







✓ Zobel

✓ dilute

✓ merle

✓ kein australisch rot 

✓ kein chocolate


✓ langhaar



DM - genetisch frei

DH - genetisch frei

EOAD - gen. frei

GG - genetisch frei

NCL - genetisch frei

SN - genetisch frei

TNS - genetisch frei

IGS - genetisch frei

Prcd-PRA - genetisch frei

Raine - genetisch frei

Grey Collie Syndrome - gen. frei

Cystinuria Type II-A - gen. frei

Myotonia Congenital - genetisch frei

Mdr-1 - genetisch frei



Granini von den markenbordern
Granini von den markenbordern


Eastwillows Call me Deeks
Eastwillows Call me Deeks

The sire of Zoom is Deeks. A dog out of strong US-lines in extraordinary colour. He is a friendly and easy dog, everybody can handle him, even beginners and he allways try to do his best. He`s a very fast and flexible dog, who is trained in discdogging. He has a very good "on-off-button"


Her mother Granini is a very social and friendly dog with excellent jumps, high speed and bodycontrol. She comes from my origin-bloodline - is a granddaughter of my Milka - her father is Coffee owned by Pavel Kos - one of the best european discdogs at his time. For example third place Freestyle Open on USDDN European Championships 2012.