Granini von den markenbordern

*09. Februar 2014


51 cm | 15 kg


*Granini ist nach 4 wunderbaren Würfen seit April 2021 in Zuchtrente*






DOK - clear



✓ darksable / tricolour

✓ gen. Träger von dilute

✓ geringer weißanteil 

✓ kein australisch rot 

✓ kein chocolate 

✓ kein merle




DM - genetisch frei 

NCL - genetisch frei

TNS - genetisch frei

IGS - genetisch frei

CEA - Träger

Prcd-PRA - genetisch frei

Mdr-1 - genetisch frei


  • EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2016 Skyhoundz Discdogathon Bullseye
  • VICE-EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2016 Skyhoundz XtremeDistance LightPlastic Men
  • EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2015 Skyhoundz Discdogathon Bullseye
  • Begleithundeprüfung best. 2020
  • Agility A1 Large
  • 3.Platz AgilitySnookerLarge Hemsbach 2020
  • UFO WM-/EM-Quali 2016
  • USDDN EM-Quali &-Teilnahme 2016
  • USDDN WM-Quali 2016
  • 3rd Place European Championships 2015 Skyhoundz XtremeDistance Classic Plastic
  • 3rd Place European Championships 2015 Skyhoundz XtremeDistance Light Plastic
  • Barmenia Werbespot 2021
  • ZDF Fernsehgarten 2020
  • Werbeshooting "Postbank" 2017
  • Parfum (ZDF-Produktion "Amber 1/6" - 2018)
  • Bozita Turnier- & Showdog 2013-2015




A'Sheba von den markenbordern
A'Sheba von den markenbordern


Coffe Z Temneho Hvozdu
Coffe Z Temneho Hvozdu

Graninis father is Coffee, owned by Pavel Kos. One of the best european Discdogs at his time. For example Third place Freestyle Open @USDDN European Championships 2012 + 2013. A dog with a lot of speed, excellent jumps and extraordinary bodycontrol and drive. Very flexible and self-controled. Friendly and easy to handle.


Her mother is my Sheba. She gave birth to several excellent and well-known Frisbeedogs. For exsample Tabasco, owned by Bettina Koch and Fanta (Nadine Aweresch). Her offspring shows high jumps with best bodycontrol and a lot of focus and style. Some of her offspring are phantastic herding dogs with a lot of drive and style. Sheba herself is friendly to everybody and she loves every kind of sport or work - she is full of power and a fast learner.